About Furever Friends

Each dog memorial is individually and thoughtfully made just for you, in loving memory of your fur-loved. My dogs are completely designed, sewn, and sculpted by me. This unique and rare type of art is referred to as “soft sculpture”. The medium used is fabric, fibers and/or plush fur instead of bronze or clay. Most often I use mohair and or alpaca. Which ever best depicts the dog breed I am making is the medium I use.
The rest of the detail in my dogs come from creative and artistic passion that emanates from my heart, and true love for dogs.

A tangible remembrance of your four-legged family member. It may be a recent loss or maybe one lost long ago in time, but still so near to the heart.
My dog memorials, and pet memorials are meant to be a loving, tangible remembrance to honor your fur-loved.

It began with teddy bears. A short time after my mom died from breast cancer I wanted a teddy bear from her woolly coat. It was truly a challenge to make because I was born without a right hand and forearm. But I persevered through and made my mama's bear. Soon after I began making more teddy bears and my teddy bears began looking like dogs, and that's when I knew what else I needed to do. My dogs have always been my closest family and the Love of my life and I think it was just a natural transition.

In Remembrance of our Fur-Loveds



Josie (we rescued in 2005 at 8 yrs)


Tammy and our Fur-Loveds

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I also make memory dogs and bears made from your beloved dog clothing such as sweaters, bandanas or even dog bedding material. As well as custom made memory bears crafted from loved one's clothing.