Custom Orders

I can design a variety of sizes and styles to help meet your needs. Life sized sculptures for toys, terriers and other smaller breeds the size of Schnauzers, Bichons, Westies, Maltese, Yorkie (short cut) and similar…sculptures range between $1250-$3500.
Average price is $1500-$2200.

​Special characteristics, unique markings, colors, and materials needed all affect the final price. Long haired, show style coats like that of the Yorkie, Shih Tzu or Maltese will require a separate quote.
Each dog I make is very unique, requiring different designs and techniques.
All using a variety of materials and furs that require individual attention.

Larger sized dogs such as golden retrievers, labs, shepherds, boxers and similarly sized dogs can be created on a smaller scale and prices start at $2500 and range upward to $5000 depending on final size and materials used.

UPDATE: At present I have paused custom order requests for life-like soft sculptures but am fulfilling requests for memory dogs crafted from clothing or bedding materials, please visit me at TammyBears to learn more.